About Stonewall Community Foundation

Stonewall Community Foundation is the only public foundation focused on the needs of New York’s diverse LGBTQ community.

With a focus on the five boroughs, we strengthen LGBTQ New York by thoughtfully engaging donors and investing in dynamic organizations. We raise and direct funds toward the incredibly diverse efforts being made to celebrate our lives, advance our rights, and ensure our safety and wellness.

Since 1990, we have awarded more than $18 million to over 600 organizations, funding in 30+ issue areas.

Empowering all of LGBTQ New York

At Stonewall Community Foundation, community needs drive our approach. We work to identify critical community-wide challenges, develop tailored needs-based initiatives to address them and make strategic investments in organizations and people.

We’ve identified three populations critical to making social change a reality:


Non-profits are the lifeblood of LGBTQ New York, and Stonewall Community Foundation has a rich history of community investment through grantmaking. We invest in grassroots organizations often at the forefront of addressing a specific need. In many cases, our seed grants help make it easier for organizations to obtain additional funding from other sources.


All donors want to maximize their impact. They care about different issues, they have varying degrees of experience with philanthropy and they possess differing resources for investment. So we meet donors where they are.

We offer tools such as Donor Advised Funds that empower donors to be more strategic and effective with their community investments. We also help connect donors with lesser-known grassroots organizations aligned with issues they care about.

Many donors tell us they also want to feel a stronger connection to the community, so we host events that enable donors to meet with one another and with the groups they ultimately support in social settings that simultaneously support our work.


Strong leadership is essential for the continued progress of our community. We are committed to creating a strong pipeline of trained LGBTQ leaders who are empowered to move the community forward. Through programs like Out In Front, we educate young leaders by providing the skills necessary to be effective non-profit board or staff members.Stonewall Quarter Share is another way emerging leaders can meet one another and learn more about the needs of our community.  Through networking events and a collective grantmaking process, young LGBTQ people become young philanthropists to support their community where support is needed most.