Give Stock

Gifts of Stock

Stonewall accepts gifts of stock, bonds, equities, mutual funds, ETFs, and Vanguard Funds for operating support as well as for our Donor Advised and Endowment funds.

To donate stock, please complete the  forms below – give the “Stock Donation Form” to your broker, and send the “Notification of Transfer” to Stonewall to get your tax receipt.  There are 2 stock donation forms – one for those adding to their Donor Advised funds or giving to General Operating Support, and the other for those fund partners who have an endowed fund with Stonewall.

Please note that our bank does not give us information about who transfers stock to our account, so we need you to tell us when you plan to give.

Select of the following to submit to your broker:

Submit this form to Stonewall to notify us of your pending gift:

If you are having trouble with a donation, or are not sure if your particular gift will be accepted, please contact us at donate @ or 212.367.1155