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A fund at Stonewall can simplify your charitable contributions to the causes important to you—and Stonewall Community Foundation handles all of the record-keeping! With a Donor Advised Fund, or Endowment, you will never be scrambling at year-end for a place to make a tax-deductible donation or hunting through files at tax time for charitable donation receipts. Through your Stonewall fund, you can recommend charitable distributions from your fund to any 501(c)(3) organization.

A DAF or Endowment gives your charitable giving flexibility and structure.  You can design your fund to meet your own philanthropic goals; whether that be starting a scholarship fund, funding specific causes or groups of causes, or recommending grants to organizations that are special to you.

Stonewall Fund Essentials:

Establishing and using a Fund at Stonewall >

Any individual, or organization can establish a fund with a minimum initial contribution of $5,000 for a Donor Advised Fund, and $30,000 for an Endowed Fund. Setting up a fund is easy. Simply download and review the Program Guide (for DAFs), or the Endowments-Info (for Endowments) and complete the DAF Registration Form or Endowment Registration Form.

Upon receipt of the Registration Form, a staff representative will contact you to discuss your needs for the fund, and will send you an agreement that you will need to sign and return. Once the fund is created, you will be asked to make your initial gift. Gifts can be made in the form of cash or donated stock. After the initial gift is received, your fund will be activated. You and anyone else you authorize (ie a partner or family member) may submit recommendations for grants to qualified non-profit organizations.

Your Stonewall Fund is a great way to bring LGBTQ visibility to your charitable giving. There is no limit to the number of grants that can be recommended. We simplify your record-keeping by doing it for you and provide you with the necessary tax acknowledgements and 24/7 access to up-to-date information of your funds via a dynamic online tool, Donor Central.

Grant Making Services >

You may want assistance deciding on what kind of grants to make, want to fund specific issues in the community, or you may want to start your own scholarship program (see existing Stonewall scholarships), but lack the resources to do it on your own. Our staff will provide the services you need to make your grant-making process simple. Stonewall staff can:

  • Guide you in creating an application that suits your mission and funding goals
  • Advertise your grant opportunities in relevant LGBTQ networks
  • Manage the vetting process of applications received
  • Convene an advisory panel to help determine winning applicants
  • Provide full administrative and financial services in regards to your grant, before and after the grant selection process

By tapping into our philanthropic services and in-depth knowledge of the LGBTQ issues, we can help you to identify important needs in the LGBTQ community and achieve the impact you originally envisioned.

Benefits of a Stonewall Fund >
UNLIMITED GRANTING: No limit to the number of grants you may recommend annually.

VISIBILITY: A Stonewall Advised Fund offers LGBTQ visibility for your charitable giving.

EASY DEDUCTIONS: Immediate tax deductions for contributions to the fund, regardless of when they are made.

YOUR TIME: Additional contributions will be accepted in any amount and at any time that is advantageous to you, helping you manage your tax liability.

SIMPLICITY: We simplify your record keeping, providing you with online management tools, tax acknowledgements, reporting and year-end summaries.

PRIVACY: Grant recommendations may be made anonymously, if you so desire.

GIVING THAT MEANS THE MOST TO YOU: Take advantage of Stonewall’s grant-making services: we can help you start your own scholarship fund or make grants according to your interests within the LGBTQ community.
YOU DECIDE: Make grant recommendations, online, on your own timetable.