Out In Front NY: Advisors

Leaders Guiding Leaders

An advisory committee of community leaders oversaw program development for Out in Front New York when it first launched in 2011. Today, Out In Front still relies on the involvement and support of local leaders.


Simone N. Sneed believes that the path to real change is innovative resource management and she has dedicated her career to making this a reality. She combines her expertise in non-profit management, sustainability and fundraising with her dedication to individual wellness and joy to lead and transform individuals and social impact institutions.

Known for her electric energy and positive passion, she is currently a member of the Executive Team at Inwood House, a  183 year old non-profit utilizing a holistic youth development approach to interrupt cycles of intergenerational poverty.  As the Director of Development and External Affairs she is developing opportunities and infrastructure to help employees and supporters direct their dedication to the agency’s work. She also plays a pivotal role in the creation and management of strategic initiatives.

Simone began her career as the board co-chair for Holding Our Own Women’s Foundation in Albany, NY, and developed her expertise in fundraising and non-profit management, in service to often-neglected communities with the Astraea Foundation, Girl Scouts of America, Community Access and the New York Women’s Foundation.  She has also worked collaboratively with the One Percent Foundation, Brown Boi Project and other entrepreneurial social impact projects to provide insights on strategy and sustainability.

As a committed pioneer and thought leader Simone writes, facilitates and speaks frequently on social innovation, non-profit sustainability and wellness.

She is a frequent Huffington Post Contributor and has been featured in the New York Times, The Journal of Governmental Finance and Public Policy, Ebony Magazine, The Advocate, Loop21 and other notable publications.

Topics of Expertise:

  • Social Innovation
  • Non-profit Management and Fundraising
  • Strategy & Sustainability
  • Mental Health Advocacy
  • Women & Girls Issues
  • Holistic Wellness & Leadership

S. Leigh Thompson is a social justice artist, a critical educator and raging queer. He began his advocacy for the trans and queer communities in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. He came to New York to attend NYU’s Gallatin, where he received a Master’s degree in using art as a tool for political and social change. He has worked for a number of LBGT organizations, including the Empire State Pride Agenda, the ACLU LGBT and AIDS Project and GLSEN and most recently worked at the Applied Research Center and Colorlines.com.

Leigh is currently the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Forum Project (theforumproject.org), an organization that uses creative tools for creating change. He also serves on the board of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc., facilitates freelance workshops and training on gender diversity, privilege and oppression and provides organization strategy consultation.


Jason Franklin Co-Chair, Professor & Next Gen Donor Organizer

Katherine Acey Co-Chair, Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Dante Mastri Board Liaison, Stonewall Community Foundation

Lauren Blitzer, GLSEN

Kris Hayashi, Audre Lorde Project

Tracy Hobson, Center for Anti-violence Education

Terrence Meck, Palette Fund

Ann Northrop, Activist/Author/TV Host

cori parrish, North Star Fund

Clarence Patton, Pipeline Project

Mark Sexton, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Darren Spedale, Start-Out

Maxim Thorne, NAACP

Barbara Warren, Hunter College Institute for LGBT Social Science and Public Policy