Out In Front NY: Sessions

Out In Front New York sessions are thoughtfully designed to address areas of critical importance for both nonprofit leaders. Below is the session listing for 2013.

Session 1
THINK BIG: Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

In this session, participants will begin an in-depth exploration of what it means to be effective leaders and responsible board members. They will also envision ways to make fuller use of their own leadership capacity–the skills, resources, and strengths they already possess–while seeking concrete opportunities for growth.

Session 2
MONEY MATTERS: Fundraising with Purpose and Skill

Most nonprofit leaders identify fundraising as their most pressing organizational challenge. Money Matters provides an insightful and confidence-building study of how nonprofits develop their donor base, get buy-in from stakeholders, and use boards to further that work. In this action-learning session, participants will have a chance to practice what they learn in a supportive and fun environment.

Session 3
BALANCING ACT: Getting Things Done, Without Overdoing It

In addition to careful stewardship, organizational health depends on the health of the individuals running it, staff and volunteers alike. This session makes the case as to why prioritizing personal sustainability is a smart, and perhaps even critical, business decision. Participants will share techniques and resources for self- and community-care, and learn how to make the right choices for themselves and, ultimately, the organizations they lead.

Session 4
ALL ABOARD: Showing Up and Making the Most of Your Journey

All Aboard focuses on building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Participants will identify and discuss common needs they will have as they go on to join boards or return to the nonprofits they currently serve. The learning portion of the session will be followed by a brunch mixer, introducing participants to a broad range of community organizations that are interested recruiting or otherwise engaging LGBTQ leaders.